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Working with My Web Workshop

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Sharing your vision

The first part of working with My Web Workshop is sharing your plans and visions for your business, and describing the particular 'world' your business operates in. This is the groundwork that ensures a solution will be effective in 3 essential contexts:

  1. it will work within your business,
  2. it will stand competitively within your industry and with your buyers/clients,
  3. it fits in the context of your current and future plans and vision.

Exploring the possibilities

The internet has more to offer than just websites. We will explore the many different ways the internet could contribute to your business success. Together we will evolve a solution that harnesses that power for you.

There is work for both of us in this stage.

My Web Workshop will coach and support you in exploring the internet and determining where you business can fit. We will look at:

  • the market leaders in your field, locally, nationally and internationally,
  • what your competition is doing and how well, and identify any gaps,
  • your fellow travellers — others you or your competitors/clients/buyers are doing business with,
  • the internet world that your clients/buyers are operating in.

With this knowledge we can place your business where your buyers/clients will find it, find any strategic gaps that you can fill, and ensure that your web presence stands out in the field.

During this stage we will design solutions, looks, methods, and processes. 

Creating the solution

My Web Workshop will craft the solution. While this is happening you will move forward in these ways: 

  • approving and fine-tuning the look and function of the solution as it is built,
  • preparing and adding any content, and testing before launch,
  • preparing to implement the solution within your business.

The launch and operation ...

Integrating the new tools into your business begins with the launch.

The internet will continue to evolve, and your web presence will continue to evolve with it. The work we did in Exploring the Possiblilities is the basis for ongoing observation of your buyers/clients and their use of the internet, and with your market leaders, competitors and fellow travellers. In our design stage we will have looked at how this integration with your business process can happen, and this will be refined in practice.

My Web Workshop supports you in the long term — helping you interpret your visitor's actions, measuring effectiveness, refining solutions, building skills and opening up new opportunities.

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